Making Democracy Work

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities abound in the League! Here are some of the ways to be an active League member in addition to paying annual membership dues: Respond to action alerts from the state and national offices on important issues of pending legislation;

Regularly attend a public meeting such as city council, county commissioners, school board, planning commission as part of the League's Observer Corps;

Register voters at fairs and special registration events;

Help assemble the non-partisan Voter Guide prior to each general election (every two years);

Conduct an interview with a legislator;

Be part of a study committee, which looks at all sides of selected issues and leads the LWV membership to consensus;

Serve on the development or membership committee;

Write a news or publicity article;

Help plan and conduct a monthly meeting.

All LWVOA members are invited to attend monthly board meetings. Please confirm the date, place, and time prior to the meeting you plan to attend by emailing:

"Today, I want to urge you to actively seek out the most contentious, polarized, gridlocked places you can find. Because so often, throughout our history, those have been the places where progress really happens - the places where minds are changed, lives transformed, where our great American story unfolds." Michelle Obama to Oberlin graduates, 2015