Taking action on League positons

Taking action for the public good is a cornerstone of the League’s mission to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy.

League advocacy is on selected issues on public policies consistent with League positions. Through a study and consensus process, positions are established at the national, state, and local levels.

A local League may take action at the local level as long as that action is based on local, state, or national positions. The decision to take action on issues that affect only the local League’s geographic area rests with the local board. Action may be taken based on LWVUS and LWVO principles if the local board considers that members are adequately informed and agree with the proposed action. The action should be appropriate in timing, need and effectiveness and other Leagues in the area affected by the position concur.

Action Alerts

For information on the latest action alerts nationally, see the
League of Women Voters (US) homepage.


For information on the latest Ohio action alerts see the
Ohio League of Women Voters homepage.

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