Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities abound in the League! Here are some of the ways to be an active League member in addition to paying annual membership dues:
  • Respond to action alerts from the state and national offices on important issues of pending legislation;
  • Regularly attend a public meeting such as city council, county commissioners, school board, planning commission as part of the League’s Observer Corps;
  • Register voters at fairs and special registration events;
  • Help assemble the non-partisan Voter Guide prior to each general election (every two years);
  • Conduct an interview with a legislator;
  • Be part of a study committee, which looks at all sides of selected issue and leads the LWV membership to consensus;
  • Serve on the development or membership committee;
  • Write a news or publicity article;
  • Help plan and conduct a monthly meeting.
All LWVOA members are invited to attend monthly board meetings. Please confirm the date, place, and time prior to the meeting you plan to attend by emailing: lwvoberlin@gmail.com
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